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Accusharp Knife Sharpener is safe , reliable and very affordable. It can sharpen a blade in ten seconds or less!

Safe to use for anyone, it will sharpen a wide variety of blades from straight to serrated and many other tools like axes and hoes. It has a very unique design. Its ergonomic design protects your fingers and hand while the reliable, diamond tungsten carbide surface put a perfect edge on its target.


Get more done

A sharpened edge makes it much easier to get your work done while being safe. This productallows you to sharpen most edges in around 10 seconds. You don't need to use oil or stone to sharpen an edge. You also don't have to guess the right angle for the blade that needs sharpened. It is ideal for anyone who needs to sharpen a blade, professionals and personal alike. Its also great for fishermen, hunters, and gardeners.


This product has a unique design including a full length hand protector to sharpen while fully protecting the users hand during the entire sharpening process.


How to sharpen a blade

To start sharpening an edge of a blade, simply put your knife on a hard, flat surface with the sharp edge up. Next you hold the handle of the knife with one hand. Now let the notch of the Sharpener rest on the blade, and apply pressure with your thumb as you run it across the blade. The first time you use this you might have to run it several times across the blade to make sure it has conformed to the right angle. As soon as the angle has been established it should only take a few strokes to sharpen any blade. So now sharpening couldn’t be any easier and will not take time away from anything you have to do.


Durable and Reliable - A knife sharpener built to last

This has been designed to last years. It has a diamond tungsten carbide sharpener which is one of the hardest materials on earth. Even though the toughest blades will show wear eventually, this sharpener will double the life of any blade.

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On average this product lasts between five to ten years. It will not rust or decay and are easily washable in soap and water in a dishwasher.


How sharpening works

It has a very simple design that does the job every time. It has two sharpening stones in a V shape so to cuddle the blade perfectly every time. It does the job of electric knife sharpeners at a fraction of the cost, weight or size. It sharpens any double edged blade even if its straight or serrated, thick or thin. And it will do it in record time. The Accusharp Knife Sharpener is the finest, by far easiest and quickest sharpener around.


What others have said about this great sharpener

Do not buy something that costs one hundred dollars or more that may or may not be as good as this. On many reviews of this product against all kinds of knife sharpeners, this came out on top every time. It is simply the best. If you or anyone uses knives in the kitchen, for fishing, hunting etc then be sure to pick one up today. They weigh nothing and are so small so they can fit in anything easily if you’re on the go.



  Accusharp Knife Sharpener

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